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Our Mission

To provide the best service in the Industry with a price that's competitive.

We provide the "Small Company Treatment", with faces you know, year after year, and service you can trust.

About Us

Cooper Sanitation  is a family-owned and operated sanitation company. Our team is comprised of a dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff, and we have been in business for 37 years. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and we cater to both Business and Home Owners. Our years of high quality customer service, years of experience, and desire to help our clients earned us a loyal customer base that we are proud of.

Our Services

Septic Maintenance

The septic tank is a key component in the sewage system. To keep things running smoothly, periodic preventive maintenance is a necessary. We offer repair, inspection, and maintenance servcices.

Aerobic Inspections

The aerobic treatment process requires the use of oxygen, chlorine, and will require a slightly more frequent routine of maintenance than a traditional septic system. Cooper Sanitation can provide you with quality work at a schedule that works best for you. We service both residental and commercial systems.

Line Cleaning

Hydro jetting is the use of high-pressure water to clear out blockages in sewer systems. A routine schedule of hydro jetting for your pipes will go a long way towards minimizing future blockages that could cause line breakages or backups. Line breakages can result in extensive and expensive repair.

Aerobic Systems

If you live in home where traditional septic systems are not used, you will need State required maintenance to keep it running well. The aerobic treatment process requires the use of oxygen, chlorine and other mechanical systems, and needs a frequent maintenance schedule.


Our service program is reliable and flexable. Whether it's for Residental or Commercial service, there's no need for you to remember when you were last pumped or if your due again. We will keep track of you maintenance plan and give you a courtesy call to let you know it's due and get you on schedule.

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